Counselling Young People

Being a young person isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Life can become very stressful and tough.  There are so many pressures on you, to look or act a certain way and with your life on constant display on social media I can appreciate this can feel very overwhelming. You may experience difficulties that you feel unable to solve and find yourself feeling and thinking in a way that is very concerning and distressing.  Talking to me will help you work through this and see what is normal and what is not.

Sometimes it can be difficult for young people to be able to talk to parents or family members about what they are thinking and feeling.  Talking to someone outside of the family can help you to build trust, feel heard, and feel safe whilst learning to gain coping strategies and make sense of the world you live in.

I have a Master’s Degree in Counselling Children and Young People (MCCYP) and I have worked with young people, aged 11-25 for many years, and as such I have a very good awareness about your developmental stages, and common problems and issues you may be having difficulty with. I can help you with the following presenting problems:

Anxiety                      Low self-esteem                 Self-harm

Depression               Low mood                            Suicidal thoughts

Anger                         Stress                                     Relationship breakdowns

Bereavement           Family issues                        Exam stress

Bullying                     Sexuality                               Identity issues

Managing negative thoughts                              Trauma

Whatever it is you feel you would like to talk about, it would be met with respect and acknowledgement in a safe environment.

If meeting me face to face feels challenging for you, we could work together online. See my ‘Counselling online’ page for further details.